I Am Not That Soul

I am not that skin

I am not that soul

I can’t be the one

That you are searching for

I might be a weirdo

And might act insane

But that what my color is

That’s how i am made

I tried hard to be normal

Even tried to act sane

But that is when i paint

The wrong color on my soul

~ Arooj Zaka


Lying On The Bed Of Grass

 Lying on the bed of grass
Hours, we meant to pass

 Sun was about to rise
unveiling night that lies
Night that haunts the child
child that resided in my mind

 Breeze was brushing dull face
Making it smile with grace
Whispered few tales of folks
Few sounded sob, few jokes

 Water was loud and bold
jumping like a kid who drolled
Hugging with breeze it danced
sprayed our eyes which glanced

 On closing those eyes I realized
Your presence is what I idealized
Hours flew as a blink of eye
Time came to say good-bye

 Poisoning air with their breaths
Humans woke up from their deaths
Making me woke up from her nest
SILENCE did not listen and left


Fading Colors

Toying with the ring
Long put by her king
Waiting on a bench
As time was taking revenge
Tongue mumbles some verse
As she approached by a nurse
Heal was old bruise
When she smiled good news
Little of pink was found
On a dull hopeless face

Cradles filled with infants
Saving them from shipments
No need to fill entry forms
Asking religion, sect and norms
Where no one was called insane
When unknown of father’s name
Pockets never seen a wage
Someone was running orphanage
Little of green was found
In a dark world of pains

Four teary eyes
Dripping away the rage
Her head on his chest
His arms curled as nest
Bodies tied so tight
After a miserable fight
Two pairs of lips
Locked in a kiss
Little of red was found
Inside a dying rose

All Around

I blinked and blinked my eyes
It was dark all around

I heard my own breaths
It was silence all around

I felt sheer suffocation
It was humid all around

I could barely move my body
It was congestion all around

My screams went in vain
It was isolation all around

I cried my loudest cry
There were tears all around

A thunder clapped in head
Lightening brought the memory

A scene of moans and sobs
There were people all around

A scene of beeps and monitors
It was death all around


I Did Not Let Her Go

Together we were born;
and together we did live

Together we grew old;
and together we had fun

Charming were those days;
but those were very few

As the time flew;
we became two

Busy with the routine;
I ignored my own queen

Not knowing my own faults;
I let you drift apart

Today i felt alone
Missing you made me grone

Knocked your door for a while;
And grabbed your hands in mine

Pulled you in my arms;
and hugged you warm and tight

Your smile told me a fact;
You had missed me in fact

This made me insane;
and i met myself again

Edited by Sir Shehryar Khawar