22 thoughts on “Lol

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  2. Inspired by your dry pastel artwork…

    Like hands stretched towards the sky
    The barren branches of the lonely woods
    Embrace the snowy miracle of the calm night.

    —– Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

    Lovely art work. It is serene and melancholic at the same time. 💗

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      1. I have amended it a little….

        Now it seems like real poetry…. 🙂

        ہجر کی اس چلچلاتی شب میں
        اے معجزوں کے خُدائے برتر
        کہیں سے اُمّیدِ نو کی بارش
        برف کی صورت اُتار ہم پر۔۔۔

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